Miya the Moonlight Archer: The Complete Guide

Miya the Moonlight Archer: The Complete Guide

Miya the Moonlight Archer isn’t just any hero. She’s the Moonlight Archer, and she’s here to make your game more fun. Miya is one of the original characters in the game and a marksman hero. She has a great mix of speed, control, and power that’s hard to beat. You should learn how to play Miya if you want to take your Mobile Legends skills to the next level.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: Getting to Know Miya’s Guns

It’s no secret that Miya has a lot of skills that will make her very powerful on the fight. Let us break down her skills:

Miya the Moonlight Archer: Passive – God bless the moon

When Miya uses her basic moves, they do more than just hurt people; each hit speeds up her attacks. Keep an eye on the number below her HP and power bars to see how many stacks she has. When her stacks reach full, she will unleash a lot of damage.

Miya the Moonlight Archer: Moon Arrow is the first skill.

Miya can add more arrows to her basic attacks with this skill. These extra arrows hit their target hard and hurt close enemies as well. Make sure to level it up first because it’s a great tool for farming. Remember that you’ll need to get a little closer to fire those extra bullets.

Arrow of Eclipse is the second skill.

Need to control a crowd? You can count on Miya’s Arrow of Eclipse. She hits the target area with an empowered arrow that stuns foes in range and then fires a barrage of weaker arrows. It changes how team fights work.

The best: Hidden Moonlight

Miya can count on Hidden Moonlight to make things better when things get tough. Not only does this ultimate power remove debuffs, but it also cloaks Miya and speeds her up. It’s great for sneaking up on people or attacking them from behind.

Getting Miya ready to do well

Now that you know everything about Miya, it’s time to get her ready to win. Here is a quick list of Miya’s best build and emblem:

What You Should Build

  • Swift Shoes
  • Berserker’s Fury Scarlet Phantom Windtalker Blade of Despair Endless Battle Emblem that is suggested
  • Marksman Emblem: To do the most damage, max out the Bravery and Doom skills.
  • Killer combos are being used.

To really take over with Miya, you need to learn how to use her attacks. Here are some to get you going:

  • Begin your attack with Moon Blessing to speed up your movement, then fire Moon Arrow for extra damage.
  • Controlling a crowd: Start with the Arrow of Eclipse to knock enemies out, then use basic moves to finish them off.
  • Escape Combo: When things get dangerous, use Hidden Moonlight to get away from the situation.

In conclusion

Miya can be a game-changer in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang if you have the right skills, build, and plan. Get ready to take over the fight with the Moonlight Archer by your side. Get ready to train and get ready to battle. Have fun playing AGENGACOR!